The story Begin (English Class) I

August 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hello ! My name is Dimas Fakhruddin, I am 21 years old. I come from Malang, one of coldest region in Indonesia. I’ll tell you more detail about Malang  in the story  below. Furthermore, I’ll also tell you about Politeknik Negeri Malang, where I got so much experience, not only in science, but also experience in life. After that, I will try to give my opinion about the benefit of IT in school and business and also the disadvantage of IT in school and business.  Happy read !

 Chapter 1 : My hometown, Malang

Malang, my hometown. Yes, I really love this city. The place where I born, the place where I grow, and the place where I know how the life is. For your info, Malang is one of the coldest city in Indonesia. It’s colder than Bandung, if you know how cold Bandung is. This who make me feel the air in Jakarta is really hot. Besides the cold, in Malang you can get the fresh fruit or vegetables anywhere with the low price. For example, in Malang you can get 1kg Apel just for Rp. 3.000, really cheap, isn’t it?

For me, not only the fruit, the air or the vegetables which make me proud to live in Malang, but there is one othe reason. The reason is, in Malang there is a football team who  become the blood for each people in Malang. If you come to Malang, you’ll see the name of this football club everywhere. That football club is AREMA, one of the biggest football club in Indonesia. You can find the name of AREMA in tailor, restaurant, book store, salon, shop or even in the name of snack. It’s feel like everyone who used this name has his own pride. With the slogan “Salam Satu Jiwa”, it means that every people in Malang is united in one soul, AREMA.

I am so happy to live in Malang, really happy. There is a lot of place, beautiful place to be visited. If you want to mountain climbing, Malang have Mountain Bromo and Mountain Semeru, with the Mahameru peak, the higher peak in Java Island. If you want to go to the beach, Malang have more than 8 beach to be visited. As well known, there is Balekambang beach, who have a “pura” like in Tanah Lot beach in Bali; Sendang Biru beach, who have Sempu island which has very beautiful spot; and Bajul Mati beach who have a long sand on the beach.

Besides the beautiful place, Malang also has the food that can’t be found in another place in Indonesia, especially in other province. You know Bakso? Malang is the king of Bakso. For example, if in Jakarta we get Bakso contains only meatball and noodles. In Malang we can get the various of Bakso, contains not only meatball and noodles, but there is, in Indonesian called ‘Tahu’, ‘Siomay goreng’, ‘Siomay Basah’ or anything else. And you can get Bakso everywhere in Malang, you don’t need to go outside to get Bakso. You just stay in your home, and the Bakso seller will walk around your home. Happy bakso ! J

I think there is no end if I talk about Malang. I really love this city. If you want to prove it, come to Malang and you’ll get a lot of experience for you to share with the others. Salam Satu Jiwa !


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